Liv Elliot Photography

Fine art photography and original watercolour paintings

Play without boundaries

I take photographs and I paint watercolours.

Some photographs are only developed, with no post production. Whether you use chemicals in the dark room or a computer, the process of developing is the same. You take the raw image and enhance it by use of contrast, exposure, colour balance and intensity, spot lightening and darkening.

Other images are photographic art. I begin by taking elements from a selection of photographs then use the photographic processes and filters like my paints, manipulating and layering without restriction to create the image I am seeking. 

The watercolours are animals and things that make me smile. Sometimes I use traditional watercolour techniques, at other times I use the paints as I please, straight from the tube, thick and concentrated, or sprayed, splashed or even finger painted.

I live in North Cornwall, UK. Most of my images are inspired by what surrounds me.

I'm having fun and I really hope you like my stuff! Please take a look. If there is anything you want made to order please get in touch!

Equipment: Canon, Apple, Adobe, and assorted plug-ins and filters.


If you wish to reproduce any of the photographs please contact me.