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Photography Workshops, Boscastle

Learn some essential skills to get the most from your photography with short, fun, practical workshops to help you gain greater control of your camera, take better photos and understand the basics of photo editing.

A three hour workshop for people who want to get beyond Auto Mode.

Hour 1

Looking at the basic settings on a digital camera and how to combine them
•ISO    •Shutter Speed    •Aperture    •The Exposure Triangle – balancing all three

Hour 2

On location around Boscastle taking photos using aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings
•Composition experiments    •Locking the focus    •Look before you click    •The focal point    •Blurred backgrounds    •Detailed landscapes    •Freeze the action        •Capturing motion blur

Hour 3

Review the images captured and discussion.

Workshops are held every month. Get in touch to find out the next available session.


Bring your camera!

Price £35.00 per person


Private training sessions are available at other times on request at £25.00 per person per hour. 

Please email for more details and to make a booking.